Tennis Conditioning Will Let You Amaze Your Teammates

Tennis lessons aren't enough. Your tennis training needs something more.

  • Perhaps you're a "weekend warrior" who only makes it to matches. You rely on your years of experience to pull out each game, set, and match. But you're not getting any better.
  • Or perhaps you make time for practice, tennis drills, and coaching. Yet, you're not progressing as fast as you'd like.
  • You'd like to play higher lines, but you're stuck at fours or fives.
  • Maybe you're having a hard time keeping up with your teammates; you see them improving their abilities, while you stagnate.

What's the problem? You're not 18 anymore. You want to perform and take advantage of your tennis training and experience, but your body can't keep up. I can help you improve your game without ever giving you a tennis lesson. How? By improving your tennis fitness in two specific ways:

  • Power
  • Stamina

Patti is a member of the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association

I've learned from my personal experience playing women's tennis, fitness makes a big difference between winning and losing. With my fitness training, you'll soon find you'll be able to put more pace on the ball. You'll be able to get into position faster. Shot control will improve. You won't be discouraged when you have to play three sets. Plus, it will help you after the match in ways you might not think of.

How Tennis Fitness Works for You On and Off the Court

I started playing women's tennis in 1998. I've really grown to love the game, and the more tennis, the better. I'll play several times a week around Atlanta when time allows.

It's helped my game to be a personal trainer, because I pay attention to tennis fitness before getting on the court. I don't fear three-set matches like many of my opponents do. Sure, I don't ever want to take a match to 3 sets, but when it happens I don't worry. I know I'll still have a lot of gas in the tank. My shots will still be strong, and I'll be able to get to the ball. When a third set is forced, I'm pretty sure the match will belong to me.

My tennis shop is no longer surprised when I bring my racquet in with broken strings. I'm told it's rare that a woman breaks strings, because they can't hit hard enough. I'm a 5' 1" lightweight, well past 18 (I'm a grandmother!).

Because I'm a personal trainer who plays tennis, I can personalize your training program to enhance your game. We'll strengthen your shoulders, arms and grip. We'll improve your core strength, including your waist and back. And we'll refine your legs, from your butt down to your calves. We'll combine strength training with cardio to get you the tennis fitness you need to:

  • Gain speed and agility to get to the ball quicker.
  • Lessen the likelihood of injury.
  • Win those long points.
  • Hit winners with authority.
  • Did I mention you'll look better in your tennis outfits?

Tennis fitness will give you the power and control you need for winners.

And what about after the match? You'll feel less sore. Really tough matches won't take everything out of you. You'll be ready to play tennis again sooner. We all have 168 hours each week, and working with me to improve your fitness will help you enjoy all of them, whether you're on the court or not. You may even remember what 18 feels like again!

Perhaps most important of all, improved tennis fitness can shore up a weak game so your teammates won't have to leave you behind when they move up.

Call me today for tennis training, and we'll make sure those tennis lessons you've had pay off. 770-862-0357 or email me.