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Patti Johnson, ACSM certified personal trainer

"Take your fitness personally -- I do!"
Patti Johnson

Problems with past workout routines? I have many pleasant options and creative alternatives. Learn more.

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I offer fitness training to people who live and work within 20 miles of Suwanee, Georgia and want a certified personal trainer.

I work with individuals -- like you -- as well as with companies that want to offer personal training as part of their employee wellness program.

What is it you want from your investment in your personal health? I'll take the time to learn what your personal goals are at our very first meeting.

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At first glance, some think the cookie-cutter programs pushed by the chains seem like a good fit for them. If you have generic fitness goals and are willing to accept the same generic program as everyone else, those cookie-cutter programs might be just good enough for you. If you have special health considerations (maybe a bad knee or shoulder) or want something more than a run-of-the mill program, you’ll need something personalized for you. The fitness goals of my clients vary widely.

Many come to me because they want to lose weight. A fitness training program can augment or even replace a dieting program (ever notice how the word "diet" begins with the letters D-I-E?).

For some, the focus may be how you look. Maybe you'd like to fill up your mirror a little less. Or maybe you have a closet full of clothes (that are back in style!) that you'd like to fit into again. Or maybe it's a special event -- wedding, reunion, a tropical vacation -- where you'd like to look your best.

Perhaps you're feeling sluggish and would like to have more energy. Your personal training program will help you sleep better. You'll have more energy to get your work done with plenty of gas left to do all the things you really enjoy.

Remember, you're not going to get a cookie-cutter, a one-size-fits-all program from me. If you've been frustrated with your past fitness programs or personal trainer, you'll find that how I personalize a program for you will make the critical difference for you.

Each of my clients is priceless to me, much like your good health is priceless to you. Getting started with your own personal trainer costs less than you might think. Once I understand your objectives, I'll be able to quote you pricing for your own personalized training program. Call me today and let's discuss how we can make fitness personalized for you. 770-862-0357, or email me

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Here are a few comments from my clients:

Letter from Kathy Goodman
"For several years I couldn’t find the motivation to get back in shape following two back surgeries. I would join the gym and soon find reasons not to go. Patti not only structured a fitness program but also took the time to asses my personal needs. I have seen remarkable gains in cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle strength and tone. I know the investment I am making with Patti will pay off for many years to come."
Frank Clayton, DDS
Letter from Cathy Woodling
"Patti is an expert personal trainer. I have seen results so much sooner than I ever thought possible. Patti's advice and expertise has taught me so much about my body and myself."
Sandy Power
"Patti is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. I highly recommend Patti as a personal trainer."
Julie Blankenship
Letter from Debby O'Donnell
"I've had several personal trainers over the years. Some were good, some not-so-good, and then there's Patti Johnson! It was clear from day one that she is much more knowledgeable than the average personal trainer with a clear emphasis on a safe yet thorough workout. Knowing that she is officially certified adds to my confidence level. The best part... no more back pain!"
Tina McCrary

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